Freedom Universe is not only a festival. It is primarily an idea, dream and awareness that each person has the power to create their own reality. And that’s how we meet. A group of dreamers with an idea for a world full of love and understanding.

It started with creating a home. A safe and independent space. Freedom Residence. First, as a group of friends among ourselves, we started an experiment – called life. We were slowly opening up to new people, inviting them to participate; organizing meetings and workshops. Finally, deciding to create one, big event – FRUŃ Freedom Universe Festival. We were guided by certain ideals throughout this journey. We had to create a construct that gave shape and direction to our common path. Here are some of the values our world is made of:

1. Understanding. Each of us is at certain stage of our journey. Some of them can be difficult and painful. How hard is it to live in a world where everyone has to smile at all times? Smile when you are happy. Cry when you feel bad. You don’t have to suppress anything anymore. Let yourself, understand, accept, let go. You are safe. You are among friends. Nobody came here to judge you. And please try not to judge anyone. Is someone’s behavior worrying you? Don’t be afraid to ask. Maybe someone needs a conversation, a hug, or maybe he needs silence or solitude. It is all okay. Because when we respectfully walk through these painful moments, we can join the joyful celebration of life with full openness.

2. Respect. That one word means so much. Respect and mindfulness. Whatever we encounter along our way has a reason for its existence. Let us think carefully before deciding to interfere. What will be the result of our actions? If we can make a positive impact, that’s fantastic, it is worth taking action. Let each of our actions be undertaken consciously and with love.

3. Ecology. Our festival is created in the most beautiful circumstances of nature, so that we can all feel its closeness and extraordinary strength. It is very important for us that our presence does not adversely affect the nature that surrounds us. Going a step further, we want to make you reflect. The largest possible part of the building material used to create the decorations is of natural origin (Roots Scene) or recycled (Cosmic Scene, Intergalactic Portal). All materials returning to their place later. After the end of the festival, the organizers and volunteers jointly segregate waste for many days- that’s why we ask – put the rubbish in the rubbish place, these colorful bags have their use. :)

4. Love and Good Energy. We’re all family here. Let’s try to share what’s best. Not only during the festival, but every day. Many people are dissatisfied with their lifes, they bombard us with their emotions. But it is up to us to decide whether or not we accept this energy. We don’t have to do this at all. We are all absolutely wonderful beings. Contrary to what many of us have been told over the years, we have nothing to be ashamed of or to apologize for. We have the right to be happy, to pursue our own happiness, and when we achieve it – to share it. We want all participants during the festival to experience a sense of love, fullness, security, and thus openness and freedom of expression. Let us release our inner potential. We are all a miracle.