Lovely animals. Many of you travel with your beloved pets. They are part of your family and we fully understand that separation from them can be difficult. However, we believe that the festival is not always the best place for four-legged friends.
If only you have the opportunity to leave your pet at home, we encourage you to do so with all our heart.

If you do not have this option, here are some suggestions:

  1. If you take your dog with you, remember that he must be in your care at all times. While the idea of freedom is our credo, security must always come first. At the festival, please use a leash and, if necessary, a muzzle.
  2. .Intense sounds coming from the loudspeakers and a crowd of people dancing – this situation can be extremely stressful for a dog. So if you are going to dance, make sure someone is looking after your four-legged friend in the meantime. During the festival, we will not accept dogs on the premises of the music and dance floor.
  3. Festival temperatures can be high. Think three times before you decide to put your dog in a car or camper.
  4. .Make sure your pet has access to water. We will also try to take care of it. Among other things, in the gastro zone, a bowl of water will be available for all thirsty quadrupeds. 5. First of all, care, love and common sense. We believe you know your pets best. Always remember about them, festivals create many potentially dangerous and stressful situations. Let’s make sure that our four-legged friends have as much fun as we do.