Jam session in the Freedom Universe community has become a tradition, and making music together in a park, tram or even shopping mall an everyday reality. While traveling, many of us are guided by the thought: “find music and you will find great people.” And the important thing here is that you don’t have to finish five music schools and have ten years of experience.

Take a drum, a rattle, catch a simple beat. Go ahead and use your voice. If you’ve never tried to sing, you’ve never played an instrument – that’s great! You are in the best place possible. Now you can begin a new adventure. Music is in all of us. It just takes a little courage and decision to see it. When we realize it then… well, then magic happens.

The Jam Session zone in 2022 will be a safe space located in a distance from stages, so that we can boldly discover new sounds and find a common voice sitting around the fire, being illuminated by the moon.

Jam Session during FRUŃ Festival 2021 took place on the Roots Stage: